To be a valued partner of State of Delaware organizations and a recognized leader in providing governmental financial efficiency, transparency, and accountability.


The Division of Accounting is committed to providing reliable financial information and accounting services in support of State of Delaware organizations, government decision makers, and the public through legal compliance, State accounting system management, and accurate reporting.

The division is responsible for preparing and issuing the State's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in full compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 34 and 35, which more closely aligns governmental financial statements with the ones found in private industry.

Each fiscal year since 1995, the State has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association.

The division also establishes and implements procedures and regulations pertaining to the statewide accounting and payroll systems; processes the state's accounting and payroll transactions; certifies the validity of transactions; and coordinates accounting, payroll, and other financial matters with state agencies.

In fulfillment of its mission, the division's on-going initiatives have increased the efficiency of the state's financial processes and continue to enhance the availability of information to its customers. The division is committed to reaching these goals through the application of technology. The division continuously works to eliminate obsolete, paper-based processes in favor of more efficient electronic alternatives.