The State of Delaware, through Division of Accounting (DOA), has contracted with JPMorgan Chase to provide State Organizations with a VISA card program for purchasing or travel. This program is called the PCard Program; one card operating with purchasing or travel options.

The PCard Program promotes fiscal oversight and improved internal control. Travel and purchasing programs have different risk profiles. The State of Delaware Budget and Accounting Manual details control procedures and policies that are specific to each card type and were designed to address specific risks. The program allows the cardholder to only spend within the predetermined categories of purchase only or travel only. This reduces risk by limiting transactions to the Merchant Category Codes (MCC) that are necessary for the cardholder to perform his/her job.

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             Chip-Enabled PCard FAQs*

             2019 Billing Cycle Dates*

             MCC List - Merchant Category Code List*

             MCC List with Vendor*

             PaymentNet Online Help

             PCard/PaymentNet Communications*

             PCard Roles and Internal Control Policy (PO012)*

             Sample PCard Internal Control Policies (PO014)*

             PCard Cardholder Agreement*

             PCard Change Request (PO003)*

             PCard Authorized Signature Card (PO013)*

             PCard Proxy Request (PO004)*

             PCard Training Information (PO170, PO180)*

View the video on the JP Morgan Chase website for more information about the chip-enabled card:

             Why the Chip Matters

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