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     eSupplier Portal    (To Be Completed by Employee or Employee Designee.)
     Please use this link to register as an Employee Supplier if you are expecting to receive a
     reimbursement. Instructions are located under the FAQs / Contact Us section on the eSupplier Portal.

     Please be advised:

     Effective May 7, 2018, the State of Delaware has discontinued use of the DE Employee Vendor
     form. All new Employee Supplier registrations and existing Employee Supplier change requests
     must be submitted through the eSupplier Portal.

     Note: Any information previously submitted through the DE Employee Vendor form process prior to
     May 7, 2018 remains active and on record. Existing Employee Suppliers will only need to access the
     eSupplier Portal when an update to their information is required.

     Click here for an Overview of the New State of Delaware eSupplier Portal.

     Click here to view the 4/25/18 Awareness Communication.