Division of

Policies & Procedures

PCG-DDMPE Mandatory Direct Deposit Participation, Enforcement & Escalation Process
PCG-DDWVR Direct Deposit Waiver
PCG-INT Payment to Cultural Exchange Interns
PCG-NRA Tax Treatment of Income Paid to Aliens
Nonresident Intake and Information Form
Organization Nonresident/Resident Alien Checklist
PCG-OVRPAY Wage Overpayment Policy
Notification of Wage Overpayment – Current Calendar Year
Notification of Wage Overpayment – Prior Calendar Year
Notification of Wage Overpayment – Terminated Employee
PCG-PRAUTH Payroll Funding Expenditure Authorization
Payroll Authorized Signature Card
PCG-REPAY Payroll Repayment Procedure
Payroll Repayment Worksheet – Current Calendar Year
Payroll Repayment Worksheet – Prior Calendar Year
Payroll Repayment Form
PCG-VEHUSE Vehicle Usage


Sample Payroll Internal Control Policy

Payroll Internal Control Plan Questionnaire (PICP-Q)

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