Welcome to the State of Delaware's Division of Accounting website.    Delaware's Division of Accounting has broad responsibilities within the State's financial management structure.    Generally speaking, Accounting is responsible for financial reporting, account processing, establishment of our State's general internal control structure and prescription of policies that promote the efficient and effective management of state revenues and expenditures.

Accounting is supported by experienced and professional staff within three distinct groups  -  the Payroll Compliance Group, the Financial Reporting and Internal Controls Group, and the First State Financials Group.


To State of Delaware Vendors:     If you have received a call from J.P.  Morgan about enrollment in the Single Use Account or SUA program, please note that they are acting on the State's behalf.   Existing SUA customers should be receiving communication from JPMC about upcoming changes. It is important to note that they should not ask you for secure information.   Should you have any questions about the enrollment process or functionality, please contact J.P.  Morgan at 1-877-263-5188 (Enrollment) or 1-877-263-5184 (Program Changes).